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Room mate sex stories

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Room mate sex stories

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I put my head down on his shoulder as I felt yet another orgasm coming. He started kissing my neck as one hand went in my panties and the other one unhooked my bra. When I found it, I poked at it gently.

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He started to breathe heavily and his inner thighs quivered. By this time, I had laid down on the couch and propped my feet in his lap.

He was tall and lean with dirty blonde curls and baby-blue eyes. I loved looking into his intense chocolate-colored eyes, his full sensual lips, his hard, square-shaped jaw.

6 stories of roommates hooking up while isolating together

I looked at his face. My hand smelled like my sweaty balls. Andrew hooked his fingers into the back of my pants and pulled them down all the way past room mate sex stories knees. He kept staring at me with those baby-blue eyes. His fingers were rubbing on my clit as his tounge swirled around in my ear. With that, he got Shelly into her room and closed the door.

Gay roommate stories

Before I put his dick into my mouth, I pulled his shorts all the way off so that he was completely naked. She told me all they ever did was mess around and he ate her out a couple times.

I got up and tiptoed towards her bedroom door storoes pressed my ear against it. As room mate sex stories closed the door I felt as if a chapter in my life was closing as well I could hear both of our heartbeats racing, and the room was thick with our sweaty heat and panic. She was a total geek with her shoulder-length mousy brown hair and her thick glasses.

When he started towards the door, I room mate sex stories " Are you leaving? Shelly was always a goody-goody, so to her so drunk was pretty hilarious. Andrew was able to fit all eight and a half inches of my dick into his mouth, massaging it with his gentle tongue, poking at the slit with the tip of his tongue. I continued to visualize how Brent would look, and my heart sped with anticipation.

Erotic fiction : roommates 2 - a gay sex

And then I heard the sound of a key being inserted into the lock. My whole body was sweating and it took me more than two minutes to catch my room mate sex stories. I spit into one of my palms and rubbed in circles around the head of his dick.

As I stepped into my shorts the other guy shut off the shower and stepped out to dry off. I pressed inward and my finger slipped inside his warm tightness partway.

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It was enough to get Andrew really going. I was wearing a white wife-beater tank top and a short denim mini.

College freshman fun between roommates

I moved away from the door and sat back down on the couch. He leaked precum all over the back of my mouth.

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He took my nipple into his mouth as I let out a moan. That fast? I had never came like this before!

It was another boring night in my dorm room. My roommate was out with her boyfriend and I was all alone. I had a major test the next day, but I didn't feel like. College Cuckold Stories: Your Girlfriend Visited Your Cocky Roommate on Her Way to Work. “Perfect!” She replied, making my heart skip a beat. I had just. How many hookup stories have you here posted before? But, chatting with my female roommate about her getting laid definitely had me with.

I screamed as I continued to grind down room mate sex stories tsories. It had been 3 months since I got fucked and I was horny. As i sat in front of the TV, I wondered how my dorky roommate had a man but I didn't.

Gently Michelle took my hand and led me back upstairs, and into her room. But I was more than satisfied being around Andrew.

Andrew slipped his large hands underneath my shirt, rubbing my flat stomach, moving upward to my chest, pinching my nipples. I could see why Shelly was scared to fuck him. Needless to say, she hates both of us.

Roommate sex - roommate sex ( short story ) - wattpad

The next morning, Josh broke it off with Shelly. He leaned back against the couch and was watching me intensely as I peeled my tank top off. New roommate?

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I entered his mouth hard, driving me dick in as fast as possible. He hungrily swirled his tounge around mine as he tweaked my nipples with his fingers.

He grabbed hold of my ass, as the head of my hard dick rubbed up against his pretty lips. Andrew rubbed the back of my head, pushing deeper upon his deliciously bittersweet dick.

He got storiez and followed me into my bedroom. When I first laid eyes on Brent I felt as if I could no longer breathe, as though I could barely move. I watched as his eyes grazed over my tits and down between my legs. I pressed my ass room mate sex stories his crotch as he entered two fingers into me.