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SAKAMATA SHAD 8" Variants Colour/Size/Specifications

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The Sakamata Shad of Deps, is a shad bait extremely innovative for concept of movement, in fact, at the sides of its body there are two stabilizing fins which are crucial for the movement of this excellent soft bait.

As you may notice from the attached photo, this bait has a movement to "dead leaf" perfectly linear, in fact the abdomen will always be directed toward the bottom, without ever taking rotations unnatural.

We speak of an shad extremely suitable for fishing to bass or pike fishing, but not forget that this bait can also be used in sea fishing to sea bass, redfish and sea bream.

His body is composed of fluid lines, there is any irregularity, therefore the resistance to the flow of water with fishing in lake or in case of tidal for the sea fishing is extremely low.

In this way you will have a large amplitude of inertial scrolling to give at Sakamata Shad a very fast action acting with small tears, consequently it will be possible to induce to a reaction to the bite the predator deceiving easily.

The Sakamata Shad is available in two sizes, from 6"and 8", we remember that the salt concentration in the two baits is different, in the one from 6" the salt concentration is 10%, while in that from 8" is 5%.

In end to remember the great job that also carries its tail, his strong glitter and its forked shape give this a excellent shad a attractive power huge, thanks also to its movement particularly real, a really good soft bait to tackle various typologies of fishing.

Sakamata Shad 6": weight 16g - hook advised: offset # 4/0 - 6 pieces per package

Sakamata Shad 8": weight 36,5g - hook advised: offset # 6/0 - 4 pieces per package

Target Fish

freshwater black bass pike zander saltwater trout chub seabass gilthead bream murmurs salmon bluefish spearfish red snapper barracuda amberjack tuna redfish sheatfish mackerel catfish

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