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ZONK77 SW Variants Colour/Size/Specifications

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The MEGABASS ZONK 77 SW has been designed as a slow-sinking minnow for bay area and estuary use.
This lure comes packed with features that it has inherited from its bigger brethren, the mighty Megabass Zonk 120 SW, making it just as potent, a killer of a lure.
Similar and common to the Megabass Zonk 77 SW is the incorporation by Megabass of a thin glass fiber bib that generates intense vibration to attract attention and a dorsal water port system that displaces water to create a bubble trail in its tracks to guide its intended target to it.
Where the similarities end is the Megabass Zonk 77 SW’s fixed double tungsten balancer system (the Megabass Zonk 120 SW comes with a tungsten weight transfer system that is intended for distance casting), which gives casting stability to the lure and allows it to sink slowly on a horizontal fall.
What however makes the Megabass Zonk 77 SW stand out on it own, is its small size to weight ratio, which gives the angler plenty of close-quarter casting control. With its fixed double tungsten balancer system, the Megabass Zonk 77 SW comes into its own element when being cast and worked around structures such as jetty and wharf pillars where fish are known to congregate.
This is an excellent little lure to have for dinghy or kayak fishing.

Lenght 7,7 cm
Weight 10,9 gr

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Target Fish

freshwater trout chub black bass pike zander saltwater spearfish seabass red snapper barracuda murmurs amberjack bluefish tuna redfish gilthead bream sheatfish salmon swordfish

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