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XLUSH(S) Variants Colour/Size/Specifications

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The XLUSH Sinking by Megabass is a fantastic hard bait born for the sea fishing, from estuaries, cliffs and costs in general, for the hunting to sea bass, subsequently proving enormous effectiveness even in open sea against predators still more important.

Equipped with very high percentages of capture thanks to several expedients developed in the design phase, such as the two air vents that come out from the gills by generating a great effect bubbling, or even the very good system of internal weights that allows high capacity of launching as well as a sinking fast and a swimming extremely real and a fast-twitch, and finally a great help comes also from the excellent two treble hooks with which it is equipped.

XLUSH Sinking is a jerkbait that differently from the model floating has a system of internal weights that helps in the action of sinking maintaining a horizontal attitude, designed to have a action quiet, especially in recoveries linear, and can be animated at the discretion of the fisherman, provided with armor passerby in stainless steel by 1.0mm which makes it suitable to tackle difficult challenges.

The weight balance in the back helps the launch and the maneuverability of the bait.

Action: Sinking

Length: 113mm

weight: 30gr

Treble hooks: front / rear Gamakatsu Treble SP MH # 4

Target Fish

freshwater black bass pike zander chub saltwater spearfish seabass red snapper barracuda murmurs amberjack bluefish tuna redfish gilthead bream trout sheatfish octopus cuttlefish squid mackerel horse mackerel

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