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After a long period of study, the Japanese Evergreen, she finally put into production the Es Flat.

This fantastic swim bait has the distinction of having a flat body and jointed, similar to the crucian carp or perch sun, swimming is characterized by an swimming to "S" very broad and sinuous, is a lure suitable for both slow and fast recoveries.

SLOW RECOVERY: making brief stops and read "jerk", it is recommended to lower the rod tip, in this way we go enliven the Evergreen Es Flat so as to simulate a fish in trouble.

FAST RECOVERY: in this way the Es Flat will have a swimming with large "S" fast and narrow.

Is a hard bait extremely suited to big bass hunter type: pike, perch and chub, but has also shown tremendous efficacy in the sea hunting for big sea bass or even tuna.

Who developed this fantastic hard bait has been the great Kikumoto Toshifumi, fisherman world-renowned.

The particularity of its flat body furthermore allows the creation of strong flash in that its lateral surface is indeed wide and tending to be flat.

The Es Flat is a lure with exceptional ability to launch also seen his considerable weight, in this way you will be able to probe a wide range of water.

Length: 14,5cm

Weight: 55g

Action: Sinking

Rod Suggested: rods with Heavy action such for example the Evergreen Kaleido The "Super Stallion" TKLC-71MHX from 7,1feet

Suggested Line: Fluorocarbon from 16 ~ 25lb or nylon from 16 ~ 30lb

Ring size: (snap) Fukkuai Eye Snap Egg # 4, front: # 4 rear: # 4

Treble hooks: front # 1 rear # 1

In case of wear of the tail, you can buy separately the spare original, you find it by typing in the search "es flat spare live fish tail"



Target Fish

freshwater black bass pike zander chub sheatfish saltwater seabass gilthead bream tuna trout bluefish murmurs spearfish red snapper barracuda amberjack redfish mackerel horse mackerel cuttlefish squid octopus catfish

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