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A new bass rod series from Quon, which released the ultimate standard rod that convinces both beginner and tournament anglers with rod action such as the Trickster, Bastard.

Be the ultimate standard rods. It is reasonably priced with a diverse line-up and advanced blanks that are set in detail. The lineup corresponding to various tackle, field and fishing styles has different qualities that are one-by-one rather than just a multi-bass rod such as dedicated plugging, a jig dedicated model, or tough condition model.

Blanks have different materials for each model. For delicate finesse rods, it is based on 36t carbon material with superior sensitivity, 24 to 30t for the winding rod seeking moderate stickiness, 40 t carbon material for heavy rods requiring tough power. By subdividing for each model and combining various kinds of different elastic materials, we succeeded in producing the edge action rod action.

In order to further strength, material sheet is wound not only in one direction (0 degree) but also 90 degrees and tightened with a carbon tape at 45 degrees. The multi-axial structure dramatically improved the rigidity for twisting and crushing. The guide is a stainless steel frame SiC guide made by Fuji Industry Co., Ltd. which is excellent in durability. This series adopts a new standard thin ring “SiC-S”.

Even compared to the SiC ring so far, it is lighter with higher sensitivity due to the weight reduction and the inner diameter of the rings have also become wider. It also helps to improve the casting distance. The reel seat of the bait model adopts a NEW micro trigger seat manufactured by Fuji Industry Co., Ltd. It has an easy to grasp trigger with no parts going to waste and excellent operability. EVA is applied for grip. It has excellent durability and does not slip on rainy days and wet hands. With the fusion of technology cultivated with Quon and advanced parts, everyone enjoys the essence of bus fishing casually, it is the truly ultimate standard rod.


Length:6.4′ / Section:1 pcs / Lure:1\32-3/16oz / Line:2.5-5lb / Action:Extra Fast / Power:light / Self Weight:95g  / Closed Length194.3cm: / Top Dia/Butt Dia:0.9/9.6mm / Material::carbon98% glass2%

Target Fish

freshwater black bass zander chub pike seabass saltwater trout gilthead bream murmurs spearfish red snapper barracuda amberjack bluefish tuna redfish sheatfish cuttlefish squid octopus

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