BASTARD | BTS-641L JACKSON Spinning Rods

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Ultimate bass rods, BASTARD has all excellent features from Dynamis, Dynamis THP, And Trickster.

The quality is over 'Standard level' which moves much beginners to top anglers.

BASTARD has wide range of products that makes all anglers satisfied with its price.

Best balanced design by High, Middle and Low tension and carbon material has been well considered.

You can feel its weight which highly adjusted to achieve not too light, Not too heavy.

With all developing base, There is taste from our TOP tournamenter to raise level of the rods.

This wide range products could fit to all field also there are exactly the same models in 2 piece series.

FUJI reel sheet has been installed for super sensitive actions and brilliant hold. The setting has been examined many times to decide best setting.

The spinning models are adopting FUJI made SIC / KR guide, We make smaller butt guide. Blanks can perform with all potentials with lighten weight, and achieve maximum easy to use of lure at any will of anglers.

Rod design for BASTARD is based on concept that Standard should be a masterpiece. The design is even competitive against flag ship model design. Blanks are high balanced finish that anyone could choose.

Improved weight significantly and have sharpness by lightened separated rear grip design. Sophisticated high balance specification and design also dispels heavy feelings that generated by lightened rear grip.

Front grip adopts Qu-on original design, It completes high sensitivity enhancement. It also achieves light weight spontaneously, This is Qu-on concept for fishing.

Equipped with FUJI made SIC guide for resisting corrosion. Endurance ability and trouble free K guide is set as base, Qu-on originally set micro guide setting for long cast ability and endurance spontaneously.




Its blanks finished as a regular first taper is correspoinding widely from most of light rig such as a small rubber and down shot to a small

hard plug like minnow and shad as its castability performance and high operability,it is the versatile model.




Carbon % 100%
Length (inches) 6'4
Length (cm) 193.5 cm.
Weight (gr) 87 gr.
Lure Weight 1/4 oz. max.
Line 6 lb. max.
Fishing technique

Target Fish

saltwater freshwater trout chub black bass pike zander seabass gilthead bream barracuda murmurs tuna bluefish cuttlefish squid octopus spearfish red snapper amberjack redfish catfish sheatfish

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