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Zenaq Spirado BLACKART

Spirado, the rod which you can use as if it’s a part of your body, is reborn in 12 years as BLACKART.

This series is designed for bass fishing, and the concept of BLACKART is sharpening sensitivity to the maximum. Its blank conveys precise action and accurate response dramatically. BLACKART will accelerate

your bass fishing.

Black, which is mixed up with various colors. Black, which is never dyed by any color.

This rod covered by black will be the symbol of experts.


Length: 6'9" / Lure: 3/8- 1 1/2oz / Line: MAX 25lbs

Its tip section is not too soft, the reason is to make very precise lure control with 1/2oz jigs in between standing trees or rocky area. If the tip is too soft, the rod cannot make a very delicate action in units of

millimeter. B4-69 captures heavy cover area with rubber jig and Texas rig with surprisingly precise cast control. And, it’s also very good to use heavy Carolina rig. These heavy lures can be controlled as if you are

using light rigs.

Target Fish

freshwater saltwater black bass pike zander seabass murmurs spearfish red snapper barracuda amberjack bluefish tuna redfish gilthead bream trout chub sheatfish catfish horse mackerel swordfish

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