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The fantastic series Casting of Deps born to capture "ONLY THE BIG BASS".

For the sole purpose of not losing the "monster" once hooked, these are the basic principles that have inspired the search of Deps for the construction of the rods Sidewinder.

The ideas that arise from this concept have given rise constantly to all their creations, were avoided unnecessary decorations in the rods that do not serve to capture the bass, the essentiality of the graphics represents the philosophy that has always inspired Deps.

the equipment as a tool to reach the sole objective, without compromise, this is the style Deps, that characterizes this great brand compared to many other good Japanese firms.

A brand that always follows his own ideas and his way, a way that demonstrates its true potential only after the use of a bait or a rod Deps.

The path that follow is totally different from the classic approach of other enterprises that very often follow the current fashion.

Some their choices may seem questionable, risky and eccentric but we can assure you that when they decide to produce a product is because it gave huge and repeated results on big bass, not to the fisherman.

Deps. avails for the development of four among the biggest top angler Japanese world famous, of the true founders of the big bass hunting Japanese, people which seek the monster 300 days a year.

Some their prototypes were rejected after 10.000 hours of development in water,, in the most famous and beaten fishing docks japanese,, other baits have come into production after 20.000 hours of development in water, passed to move to the millimeter internal weights, or by changing angles of middle grade, all to help hunters of big bass to flush out the more savvy huge bass that inhabit the waters of around the world.

Deps intends not to follow the fashions, not interested, Their happiness are the hundreds of photos that continue to populate their gallery 'STYLE OF DEPS' reflecting the fact that Deps is the brand more effectively with the big bass.

Precisely on this concept are developed the their fantastic rods.

All are obviously studied and designed down to the smallest detail, from the rough composite with a ratio 30t + 40t of graphite which is calculated based on the relationship between resistance and torsion, to the own and exclusive 'Guide System' that is born with the absolute priority towards robustness and sensitivity, until you get to Carbon Connector & Grip end Balancer System, designed for directly transmit the vibrations of the rough to the fisherman.

All features that the rods Deps possess and which prove all their potential in the search of big bass.

This construction philosophy makes it these rods unique, directed at those who are animated by the same principles of this great and prestigious brand, very particular and destined to people who have as a priority the search and capture of large specimens of of bass.

Are not for matchmen, are not rods suitable for fishing fish of a few hundred grams, perhaps with thin wires, all with the purpose of obtaining a placement, are not rods read , are not rods aesthetically sought.

are rods powerful, can handle catches important, kind that make your eyes sparkle with joy and that make the heart beat faster, without ever forget that all this was made possible thanks to a team of specialists who follow the design and construction of these rods in each stage, that cure the development in every detail, and which test on the field every particular, for many, many hours of fishing.


The action regular makes the Hazard Master a perfect tool for addressing a large number of situations, such as fisheries to contact with rocky bottom, reducing the possibility of substandard loans of the bait.

The crude is was selected and assembled to make the launching precise and to improve the feeling during the recovery of the bait.

This rod lends itself well to the Jig & Worm in the presence of cover of medium density, facilitating the grip in all conditions.

The great Okumura San uses the Hazard Master with jerkbait of depth and Jig Head.

Length: 6,5ft - 198cm

Grip length: 41cm

Pieces: 1

Lure: 5,0 - 18gr

Line: 8 - 16lb

Weight: 161gr

Action: Heavy / Regular


Carbon % 99
Length (inches) 6.5ft
Length (cm) 198
Weight (gr) 161
Grip Length (cm) 41
Lure Weight 5.0 - 18gr
Line 8 - 16lb

Target Fish

freshwater saltwater black bass pike zander chub seabass gilthead bream spearfish red snapper barracuda murmurs amberjack bluefish tuna redfish trout sheatfish plaice horse mackerel mackerel

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