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In a period in which were popular ultra-light and ultra-sensitive rods, the most suitable to supporting the light rig of that era, here is to appear Sidewinder, was 1999.

While the market was invaded by rods incredibly elastic Sidewinder he began instead to row against the current by receiving the most criticisms than high praise from those who did not think what could be fished with a long rod powerful and torsion like that.

Yet we the answer, among other very simple, the we had the clear printed in mind: "A rod to use to catch the big bass"!

Sidewinder debuted by deploying a assortment rather skinny of just three models: Slap Shot, Super Border and Out Cross.

The series is concentrated on kernel of the anglers that preferred fishing for large bass, especially in the style of people who did not care about align itself to the mass in the so-called "golden age" of tournaments agonistic.

The reason for that particular specialization was that, unlike in the current market at that time Sidewinder became the only rod capable of responding to the demand of fans of strong style that favored the big bait, the swimming of the rubber jig or slow rolling of the heavy spinner bait.

Since then, Despite having taken place ten years, the performace of the Sidewinder series has remained unaltered.

That's why our rod continues to receive the affection of the fans. This is attributable primarily to the fact of not having modified almost nothing of its original trim, if not some detail purely aesthetic.

Year 2011: the historical blank so appreciated by its fans has remained unchanged. The rod has been simply refined in its characteristics hardness & sharpness.

Is sufficient to take the New Sidewinder for realize that these are templates capable of receiving without issues the legacy of their sisters who have preceded them, earning fully the name of Great Performer.

Front Grip POM: The Sidewinder models use the excellent resin POM (polyoxymethylene), also known as resin or DURACON engineer plastic, a material resistant to abrasion, solid, stiff, very suitable for high precision instruments.

The application of a reel ensures stable high sensitivity hard touch.

Aluminum rings "Machine Cut": The aluminum rings machine-cut and cannette carbon inside the grip increase the rigidity of the joints in the assembly phase of the blank.

The typical red Sidewinder highlights two incised lines that indicate a rod of the second generation, the brand that distinguishes Great Performer.

Setting Guide: The particular setting allows the crude form of a natural curve almost perfect, evenly distributing the stresses in the launch phase.

It' was left out the Fuji T- NSG for even lighter T- LNSG. The number, location and size of the rings carry a setting that provides a perfect combination of durability and performance without compromise.

Cork grips End Special: Grip End cork treated with rubber, ergonomic, which prevents slipping and helps you get a perfect balance of the rod.

Shaped EVA Grip: The pleasure to hold it for long periods of time makes it a durable grip, ultra comfortable, that does not tire your wrist.

The Slap Shot is a rod in the style Suimujigu of recent years, a rod capable of mounting the trailer even most "bulky", has a large bevel gear pair adjust which results in high power, however capable of combining high sensitivity in the catches, she too obviously provides excellent ability to launch.

A rod that despite his great power, has a sensibility that was missing, unable to perceive even the slightest vibration of the bait, suitable for fishing in cover flipping heavy and carolina rig.

Lenght: 7,6ft - 232cm

Weight: 194gr

Pieces: 1

Action: XX-Heavy / Regular Fast

Grip Lenght: 41cm

Lure: 14 - 43gr

Line: 14 - 30lb


Carbon % 99
Length (inches) 7.6ft
Regular Fast
Length (cm) 232
Weight (gr) 194
Grip Length (cm) 41
Lure Weight 14 - 43gr
Line 14 - 30lb
Numb. Rings 12

Target Fish

black bass chub zander freshwater seabass saltwater pike gilthead bream murmurs plaice spearfish red snapper barracuda amberjack bluefish tuna redfish trout sheatfish horse mackerel swordfish catfish mackerel

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