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This wonderful spinning rod is part of a mini series of rods designed by the great Shimizu Sheng for fighting against the big monster bass in tournaments of the "Pro Tour".

These 4 rods have a different length and hardness to provide you depending on the area of fishing and the type of bait the best solution.

Besides to the -73HG LEOPARD this mini-series spinning rods includes the HCSC-68MG OCELOT, -64ML WALLACEA and -611MHG SERVALby offering a wide range of capabilities in each model.

In particular the 64ML Wallacea corresponds to use in pitching finesse with a depth of mid range and medium-light bait.

Fantastic Spinning rod the you grab and we soon astonished by the incredible feeling of lightness and balance.

A tool sober and by the clean lines, which has a shaft still lightest but at the same time more stronger and more sturdy.

Power, sensitivity and gentleness of action are amalgamated together offering a rod that seems to be a light weight but not even that does not disappoint not even when it comes to dragging a mega bass.

Let's start with the characteristics of the raw newly designed, the designers Evergreen have managed to create a stem still more lighter, at the same time more stronger and more sturdy.

It can be noticed well also to the naked eye the interweaving on the first part of the barrel consisting of glass fiber and carbon to four layers.

In addition to the weaving of the fibers; Evergreen has developed a multi-layer system, that is, the combination of materials in sheets unidirectional and combining them with with different directions.

At the fibers arranged along the vertical and horizontal direction were matched fibers similar but out of phase by 45° and 135°, in order to have fibers that act on two directions.

In practice, this system allows you to distribute the efforts on several layers of fibers which act in different directions.

This has given to the rod a strong resistance to twisting in addition to the resistance to the bending in the vertical direction and to the compressive strength in a horizontal direction.

The higher density and the orderly arrangement of the fibers allows that the efforts to be evenly distributed and there are not weak points.

A balance in the spatial distribution of the reinforcement fibers is needed to address the efforts in multiple directions, and the structural system developed in the line Heracles makes it the rod capable of withstanding efforts in all directions.

As these products are at the top for the design, development and build quality, also the components is obviously of first choice.

The guidance system is not too compact and is an excellent Fuji SIC but in made of titanium in the lower part, while the upper part has been mounted always a Fuji SIC but in steel.

The reel seat is a fabulous Fuji ACS with ergonomic design of the socket to give maximum sensitivity and be easy on the wrist.

The handgrip is separated made of EVA, to ensure maximum durability, must also be noticed the decorative trim in silver and gold wire as the hallmark of the model.

Finally, remember that even the 64ML Wallacea have coating Bonanza anti dirt, scratches, sun and weather.


Lenght: 6,3ft - 193cm

Pieces: 1

Weight: 94gr

Power: Medium Light

Lure weight: 2 - 11gr

Line: 6 - 12lb


Carbon % 99
Length (inches) 6.3ft
Length (cm) 193
Weight (gr) 94
Lure Weight 2 - 11gr
Line 6 - 12lb

Target Fish

black bass seabass catfish pike saltwater freshwater zander chub barracuda bluefish sheatfish trout cuttlefish squid octopus redfish red snapper gilthead bream murmurs tuna amberjack spearfish

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