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GOLDEN MEAN DEEP CORE MONSTER MHC (in collaboration with Plus Fishing)

As many of you know, Golden Mean is a brand leader in Japan in the construction of fishing rods, has immediately made inroads in the heart of European fishermen for the highest quality products and for have a excellent value for money.

One of the strengths of this great company is the fact that they know to listen to the needs of the market, in particolar way the European one, are therefore attentive to the various tips that many top anglers propose to constantly improve its own products.

Is just in this way they have seen the light the wonderful Deep Core Monster MHC, two prototypes that are now finally available for the general public and they see their use in the fishing to big fish, although are dealing with two rods with characteristics very different from each their.

The GM Deep Core Monster MHC, are made in high modulus carbon, equipped with passers Fuji Sic K series, with system anti entanglement to avoid problems with any kind of wire, to double-deck lowered for not load the rough of unnecessary weight and not affect the action of the Blank.

The plaque reel seat is an excellent Fuji TCS M-Lock Down with closure, has no special frills, indeed it is an traditional closure with ring nut, very good and reliable when it comes to combating a fish of size important, not surprisingly for sea fishing you only use this system for threaded fasteners.

The handle is made of EVA Straigth Grip, strictly to kick entire, always studied for excellent surface feel in both the launching that in combat, by going against the trend, but preferring the substance at the expense of unnecessary frills.

The power of these two rods is nothing short of devastating if you wish to to have the evidence is enough to observe the attached video, where our great friend Roberto Pelati, collaborator of Plus Fishing Golden Mean is struggling with a big capture of a tuna in our Adriatic sea in the video in question is using the SMH-76, very similar in performance to these two models, fantastic.

The MHC-610 features a power from 1 to 4 ounces with Extra Fast Action is a rod extremely balanced to facilitate the use of baits fast and of search as spinnerbait jerkbait.

The distance to the center of the plaque of the reel seat is 45cm, very convenient for launches in confined spaces, in contrast to products which have kicks too long extremely unwieldy.

The MHC-76 has a power from 1 to 6 ounces with fast action progressive, to the touch does not seem of having in hand a 6 ounces thanks to its balancing, but under is hidden a true thoroughbred.

The rod is suitable to recoveries linear with all those baits fast and that do not require of too movimentaciones as swimbait, large spinner, crankbait depth, diver and silicones.

On this rod the distance of the reel seat has been brought to 50cm to facilitate the throw, it has also been increased the over plaque to be able grab to best in the recoveries binding and linear.

Model      Lenght(ft,cm) Weight(gr) Lure (oz) Line (lb) Drag max(kg)  Rings   Pieces

MHC-610   6,0 - 183          188          1 - 4         PE 4 - 6         10                7           1

MHC-76     7,6 - 232          238          1 - 6         PE 4 - 6         12                8         1+1


Carbon % 98
Length (inches) 7.6ft
Length (cm) 232
Weight (gr) 238
Lure Weight 28 - 170gr
Line PE 4 - 6
Numb. Rings 8


Target Fish

black bass freshwater pike chub trout zander salmon sheatfish saltwater seabass murmurs gilthead bream cuttlefish squid octopus spearfish red snapper barracuda amberjack bluefish tuna redfish horse mackerel

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