GLANZ | B80-25X

GLANZ | B80-25X ZENAQ Casting Rods

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Bigbaiting game is becoming a new stream in lure fishing. GLANZ is not a mere stiff rod, but power and flexibility is perfectly combined in the blank.

New GLANZ will definitely satisfy the demands of eager anglers.

If you keep on spending a lot of time on bigbaiting game, you will meets the time these spec will be demanded.

Targeting Northern Pike, Blackbass, European Catfish, Murray cod, and any monstrous fish in fresh and salt water.


Length: 8'0" / Lure: 400-800g / PE Line: MAX#8

80-25X is designed for using giant lures even up to 1kg.

You may imagine the difficulty of using it by simply looking at its spec or holding this rod itself with your hand, but once you actually cast a giant lure, your worries will be wiped out.

To control giant lures in casting, a rod has to have strong flexible butt to hold total weight when swinging back and enough repulsive power to push back the lure.

To control giant lures in lure action, tip section needs appropriate softness for making a lure swim, and berry ~ butt section needs enough power to pull a lure against strong water resistance which a huge body of a

giant lure makes.

The most important rod factor for this style of fishing is a basic blank design, which can satisfy all the demands and performs smooth power transmission from tip to butt.

80-25X is finally completed by composing several high-spec carbon materials.

If you keep on spending a lot of time on bigbaiting game, you will meets the time this spec will be demanded.

“There is definitely the fish that you cannot fish without this rod and lure.”

80-25X is a specialized model for real experienced experts who pursues one’s dream.


Length (inches) 8'0
Regular Fast
Length (cm) 184 cm.
Weight (gr) 330 gr.
Lure Weight 500〜700 max 800 gr.
Line 35〜50 (PE #6〜8) lb.

Target Fish

freshwater black bass pike saltwater tuna amberjack seabass murmurs horse mackerel redfish trout chub zander gilthead bream sheatfish spearfish bluefish barracuda mackerel octopus cuttlefish squid red snapper

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