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GLANZ | B70-3X ZENAQ Casting Rods

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Bigbaiting game is becoming a new stream in lure fishing. GLANZ is not a mere stiff rod, but power and flexibility is perfectly combined in the blank.

New GLANZ will definitely satisfy the demands of eager anglers.

If you keep on spending a lot of time on bigbaiting game, you will meets the time these spec will be demanded.

Targeting Northern Pike, Blackbass, European Catfish, Murray cod, and any monstrous fish in flesh and salt water.

Length: 7'0" / Lure: 30-120g / PE Line: MAX#6

70-3X is the new technical model for bigbaiting game for both experts and beginners; it is the best rod to choose if you try to begin this style of fishing.

The key features of 70-3X are “surprising castability” and “superior lure control” which widen a potential of bigbaiting game.

70-3X works very well for casting around 100g lures in a short and middle distance.

You can cast at shore-line or at structures precisely for all day long, and a rod length matches for giving the best lure action, besides, handle length doesn’t bother your move and helps to go on to the next cast


There are many attacks and bites in a very close position from you, right before you pick up a lure, and a bite in short distance raises a probability of mis-hooking.

However, 70-3X highly prevents it by its flexible tip section which can penetrate fish mouth certainly.

By using elasticity of whole butt section, you can cast long distance at a boil or in a shallow area.

A rod length performs well in land based fishing and shows good mobility when you walk in bush.

No matter which field, 70-3X would very effective in all season.

Target Fish: Blackbass, catfish, Northern pike, Toman, Snakehead, Barrumandi, Murray cod, Seabass, etc..


Length (inches) 7'0
Length (cm) 168 CM.
Weight (gr) 215 GR.
Lure Weight 60〜100 GR. MAX. 120
Line 25〜30 (PE #4〜6) LB.

Target Fish

freshwater saltwater black bass gilthead bream pike seabass sheatfish trout zander chub murmurs redfish spearfish red snapper barracuda amberjack bluefish tuna catfish

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