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Great novelty 2015 of the great brand Evergreen, is finally available the marvelous Oceanus, the casting reel from the immense power.

Equipped with an extremely compact body, Oceanus is a reel that fits perfectly with the jigging technique, technique constantly changing, the will of Evergreen in creating this jewel was to supply it of the maximum operability, excellent movement and simplicity of use, a fantastic reel with frame and aluminum casing forged high strength and stiffness, while the internal mechanisms such as gears and pinion are stainless steel, .......we can say that the sea fishing has a new and phenomenal ally, the Oceanus.

It is a reel with details really useful and innovative, a surprising feature, for example, is the "Line Guard" to avoid entanglement and damage to the wire, the system avoids the side exit from the coil, avoiding rubbing undesirable on the inner frame and in the spool, furthermore a return mechanism comes close to line even in the inversion of ride of the reel, such a system in this way avoids dangerous slack when the line is not in tension and helps considerably for a recovery uniform of the wire.

Reel ideal for slow pitch jerk since the capacity of winding is extremely fast and with this technique the speed is very important, 1m of winding is equivalent to a crank turn, sensational.

We recall that this fantastic reel, given its great power, adopts angular contact bearings, in addition obviously to the bearing for the normal function, such choice was made because the angular contact bearings correspond to best to the axial thrust on the charge of the spool, by reducing the weight into the winding when we are in dragging of a "monster."

Another detail be not underestimated, is the handle grip of the crank, slightly tilted within the to improve grip, moreover is equipped with a non-slip material with a high grip.

Always in the crank should be noted the detail that joins the small tree of the reel where a flared fitting, very glossy and free of seams, allows our fingers to operate without risks of cuts in the difficult recoveries.

It should also be noted that the crank has the faculty to be adjusted with a simple fixing ring from a minimum of 75mm to a maximum of 88mm.

Very beautiful and convenient to reach is also the knurled knob of clutch with which adjust the power in recovery, system anyway also equipped of tab easily be actuated with the left hand or right.

Also note the lock button, well located and easy to reach.

Finally, we remind you that this jewel is also equipped with custody dedicated , applicable even if the reel is mounted in the rod, really a fantastic tool, recommended !!!

Gear ratio: 7.2: 1

Resistance force: 58.8N /6.0kgf x N (Newton) force units where the force of 1kg = 9.8N

Weight: 510gr

Maximum winding: 106cm with one rotation

Bearings: # 9 in stainless steel

Winding capacity PE: 1.5 - 650m / 2.0 - 500m / 2.5 - 400m

Target Fish

saltwater seabass plaice freshwater black bass pike zander chub sheatfish squid spearfish octopus cuttlefish red snapper barracuda murmurs amberjack bluefish tuna redfish gilthead bream trout mackerel white bream

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