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ZEROTHREE HUNTS 3.5g Variants Colour/Size/Specifications

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Here's the new jig O.S.P the Zero Three Hunts, this bait has been developed to capture the big bass that lurk in the commercials subjected to high fishing pressure.

The finesse jig lure is very simple, with which have bites safe. The jig Zero Three Hunts Jig of O.S.P knows also respond to the sudden of the big.

The two main performances that owns the Zero Three Hunts Jig are the one of 'temptation' that cancels out any hesitation of the bass and the other is the performance of 'hooking' which consists in make it difficult the rejection of the jig by the bass.

In addition, the anti-substandard loans performance allows us to launch this jig so very aggressively.

Thanks to the balancing of the head and I lay the rear line maintains a swimming very natural and attractive towards the bass.

Once the bass takes the bait I especially hook the 'semi-long shank' catch the fish's mouth without mistakes, O.S.P, has perfected only the functional side which serves while fishing.

The '"Real Standard"' that opens the mouth of the bass and crafty allows us to capture in security translates into a single word: "Hunts".

The Zero Three Hunts Jig is similar to the other compact football head fine rubber jigs that we have, only with a weed guard. These amazing Jigs are great for when you have to fish heavy cover and have to be very sleek about it.

Anyone looking for something new to throw at their finicky fish needs this Zero Three Hunt Jig matched with one of these great trailers.

Weight variants available: 3,5 - 5 - 7 - 9 - 11 and 14g

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Target Fish

freshwater saltwater black bass pike zander chub trout seabass bluefish murmurs gilthead bream horse mackerel sheatfish spearfish red snapper barracuda amberjack tuna redfish catfish mackerel

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