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ZEROONE JIG STRONG 11gr. Variants Colour/Size/Specifications

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A necessary condition of a good cover jig is to not run aground in the various situations that arise.

If we increase the amount of antialga bristles to avoid problem loans go on decreasing our effectiveness in the capture.

To solve this problem, O.S.P has performed a thorough examination on the guard of the jig.

The result we they have obtained is innovative: the effectiveness of a guard which has bristles carefully arranged in a horizontal manner, both in terms of hooking both in terms of performance antialga, is much higher than the classical guard having bristles uniformly arranged in a circular manner. Thanks to this concept, and in particular hooking mechanism, the Zero One Jig Strong overcomes the traditional conception of jig and solely becomes effective.

Another fundamental factor in difficult conditions is the ability to attract the bass.

The shape of the head and the particular positioning of the eyelet enable to Zero One Jig Strong of instigating the bass to attacking the bait.

Such features allow in fact Zero One Jg Strong to maintain a pose naturally horizontal in any situation, which translates in more opportunity to bite.

O.S.P. Jig Zero One Strong is a cover jig that redefines the standard the quality of jig in that it increases in an extraordinary way performance. Another important particular it is the eyelet positioned high above the center of gravity of the head.

This eyelet are allowing the Zero One Jig Strong to return to the straight position and perpendicular to the palate of bass.

We know well that the bass, swallowing the bait, hold this in their mouth in the most varied ways. Only the Strong Zero One Jig concurs an immediate repositioning optimal ferrata avoiding in such a way as to unsuccessfully to extract the jig out of the mouth of the bass.

This device allows bites effective even in special state such as bites at extremely close or very long. The unique design allows incredible property of passage within and external of any cover.

The Zero One Jig Strong with his two guards placed at the ends of accommodation oval, solves at the root the problem because it protects the jig from any "angle" particularly dangerous.

Thanks to this design exclusive O.S.P has had to increase the number of bristles, then gaining effectiveness in the catches.

For the Zero One Jig Strong instead they selected in a detailed manner the number of bristles for each individual weight.

The design of the the housing necessary of the trailer rubber is particularly suited to avoid tearing of the baits siliconic but at the same time allows optimum fixing of the trailer jig.

In the worm keeper has been engraved the weight of the Zero One Jig Strong. In the end, the material of the highest quality and workmanship of keystroke needed to bring the flattening of the profile of the hook, to give the latter a much higher resistance to opening compared to a hook with a very thick nylon.

Addition to this we highlight the fact that the tests performed by O.S.P have shown a percentage of catches far more effective of the hook 'tuned' mounted on the Zero One Jig Strong compared to other hooks normally mounted on the jig.

Versions available: 11-14 and 21g

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Target Fish

freshwater saltwater black bass pike zander seabass barracuda flounder plaice trout chub murmurs gilthead bream bluefish mackerel horse mackerel sheatfish catfish tuna amberjack cuttlefish squid octopus redfish

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