ZERO FOUR SYNCHRO 2.4gr. OSP Silicon Jigs

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ZERO FOUR SYNCHRO 2.4gr. Variants Colour/Size/Specifications

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It 'finally landed in Europe the Zero four Synchro Jig of O.S.P, This is a great silicon jigs with a silhouette very eye-catching and extremely attractant for the prey in the surrounding area, we have got to test it under competing products, and we have noticed the ability of inducing a call to action in the fish much higher than the other, probably this is derived not only from adeptness to construction (the colors and finish are excellent), also for its movement extremely soft and natural.

O.S.PHaving regard to the high capacity of this phenomenal jig, has seen fit to produce it in 5 different sizes: 1,2 - 1,8 - 2,4 - 3.5 and 5g, all, highly deadly and suitable for any type of field.

O.S.P has also sought a head shape that be particular detail that often gets overlooked in other silicon Jigs, in this case instead he gave a perfect launch and a swimming the bait, thanks to its center of gravity perfect.

In this way, benefits from the movement of the skirt, thanks to the small elliptical plate inserted in the back, the head and the plate do so that the Zero Four Synchro Jig focuses its movement more so the left side to the right "S" rather than vertically downwards and upwards.

Be emphasized that with regard to the skirt, it was used a mixture rubbery unique, that from resistance in time and a movement very sinuous and soft. What else to say, great big silicon jigs O.S.P, try it!

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Target Fish

freshwater trout chub black bass pike zander sheatfish saltwater flounder plaice tuna amberjack red snapper squid spearfish octopus cuttlefish redfish seabass bluefish gilthead bream murmurs

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