C-4 JIG 2.2g

C-4 JIG 2.2g EVERGREEN Silicon Jigs

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The small plastic bomb the U.S. military Special Forces use the C-4. Explosive power there is a small but destructive power was the origin of the naming C-4 jig.

Deliberately to the worm reproduced in resin tungsten head Fukushima, let alone get your own ago the jighead homebrew jig. Extremely resilient snuggles head shape and balance.

The balance and the guard. Lasting power of a trailer.

Skirt material and color, number, cutting method until thoroughly stuck Fukushima-Ken. 2011 JB world champion it's spooky sites. Lord finesse. Fukushima, but this would create a really the best. C-4 jig. It is a sure bet of came late.

Also to be noted that the C-4 Jig has been awarded a major and strict certification OF the highest quality Japanese, the certification FECO.

Available versions 2.2 - 2.7 - 3.3 to 3.8g

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Target Fish

saltwater bluefish amberjack seabass mackerel red snapper horse mackerel freshwater black bass pike zander chub sheatfish plaice trout murmurs gilthead bream redfish spearfish barracuda tuna swordfish octopus cuttlefish squid

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