KABRAX (50g)

KABRAX (50g) MEGABASS Metal Jigs

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By appropriate control of the weight distribution , the Kabra-X of Megabass, is designed to balance the weight of the head forward, using a low center of gravity, which generates an S-shaped meander to the left and right.

The Kabra-X of Megabass mimics the octopus, the main meal of large predators.

This is designed to fish over rough or choppy ground where you need a lure to sink fast. Assist hooks dramatically reduce snagging, but you do need to master hooking with assists and it pays to practice patience.

As this lure drops in the water, the flashing graphics will attract many different predators. The strips are designed to attract predators deep down, giving you more chances to catch fish throughout the water column.

This is a big trump card to have in your tackle box on those days where soft baits aren’t attracting any fish. Ideal for boat fishing or not over a depth between 30″ - 100″ (0,8 - 2,5m).

Available versions: 50 - 65 and 80g

Target Fish

freshwater black bass pike chub sheatfish trout zander saltwater seabass gilthead bream white bream murmurs redfish red snapper spearfish amberjack mackerel barracuda bluefish tuna catfish

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