Evergreen Concept
“Form Follows Function”. The phrase of Luis Henry Sullivan, the famous American architect of the 19th century, has inspired us in the development of our designs.
Our production follows our firm convictions that a “tool” can be defined as such only if it can be put to use and carry out its specific functions.
As regards its “shape”, we have learnt that this is determined by its function. Consequently shape will never come before functionality.
We don’t change shapes or designs only to launch a new product. Quite the contrary, we are convinced that, until the functional requirements of the tool don’t change, its shape must not be altered.
In other words, if and when we will change a product's shape, this will happen because we'll have considered that its functions have changed or have been improved.
Everything we have done so far and everything we will do in future will not concern products that will capture one’s attention only for their form. Because we are obsessed by functionality. Because we will continue making tools. Because we are Ever Green.
We have chosen the Ever Green name because it embodies our ideal to remain young forever.   

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