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International Fishing was founded in December 2013 as an e-commerce dedicated to the wonderful world of fishing.

We have always loved this sport and respected rivers, lakes and sea where we go to fish.

This passion has sparked in us the desire to make our hobby in a business. The idea of being together with you, the pleasure of fishing, of being immersed in nature to engage in a sport that is not limited to catching a fish but it is a philosophy of life, drives us to give the best of us.

We do not pretend to know everything.

The market in this area is so vast that almost every day new products rise, but the curiosity to test and read up, and then think to be able to help our customers, give us pleasure and satisfaction.

We would like to close this short presentation by spending a few words for the brands that you will find in our online store.

The intention was to create a site to exhibit the best producers in absolute terms and as you know in this field Japan teaches a lot. In fact, everything you can buy in our shop is only Japanese production, the top in the market for design and quality.

Target Fish

freshwater saltwater black bass pike zander chub seabass trout bluefish murmurs gilthead bream barracuda tuna spearfish red snapper amberjack redfish sheatfish catfish

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